Digital Business Solutions

VV provides Digital Business Solutions, including advice, hardware, and through-life support to companies to increase their Productivity and reduce Risk.

We work with businesses of any size and in any sector to help them achieve their full potential. So here is some more information on what Digital Business Solutions consists of:

IoT solutions
  • Why would you want to use IoT? Being able to monitor and control devices from platform agnostic devices, to improve production, productivity maintenance activities and safety.
  • How you use IoT? Levering commercially, and relatively inexpensive, technologies such as RaspberryPi, Ardunio, Sonoff, EmonCMS with transport of data via median such as GPRS, Lora, Wifi, WAN/LAN and feeding these with sensor data for: time, temperature, pressure, voltage, current, Lux, flow, density, barcode, RFID and GPS. Flowing the captured information into MQTT, MySQL and carrying defined logic into decisions ready actions using Node Red or bespoke ASP.Net applications.
  • When would you use IoT? You would not use it for the sake of it...Exploiting IoT is about understanding where it can be applied to maximise the investment and provide a defined output that assists the user/s. For instance, better data capture say in remote areas, safety warnings based on defined parameters and/or tolerances with sensors in critical areas.
Data Analysis
  • With improved and accessible data capture devices, provided by a number of platforms including IoT, data starts being flowing in, but its not about the capture but making it decision ready. Understanding the defined outputs, we pride ourselves in working backward to see how a defined output/s can be automated, and as such what data, processing, and if needed, intervention is required to perform such a task. Too many times, too much data is captured because ‘it can’, with no realisation of what can be done with it.
Software & Database products
  • Products - Most of the software and database tools are Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and simply need to be configured. Certainly in some instances, bespoke software applications or embedded firmware has to be written. However, we like to keep this to a minimum to reduce implementation and through-life support costs.
Information Security
  • CCTV - CCTV is now understood and accepted across the Planet. However, information from the CCTV system, which includes PIRs and some include heat sensors etc, and these can be levered to inform other systems.
  • Local Asset Tracking - RFID access devices, door & window switches, pressure pads and vibrations/movement devices are some examples of devices used in security systems, but as with CCTV the outputs of these devices can be used in other ways to inform a business process.
  • Vehicle/Asset Tracking - GPS and GPRS tracking devices with a service to provide notifications on vehicle/asset location, tampering, speed, by setting up customised alerts.